KW Buyers Guide


The KW Buyers Guide is distributed 3 times a year. We distribute over 165,000 copies per issue to the following locations: Kitchener, Waterloo, Elmira, St. Jacobs, St. Clements, Baden, New Hamburg, Wellesley, Breslau, Bloomingdale, Maryhill, Heidelberg, Conestogo, Petersburg, New Dundee, West Montrose, Floradale, Milverton, Millbank and St. Agatha. The approximate dates each year for distribution are April 21, September 10 and January 4. To view our booklet in full screen mode, click the 'enable full screen' icon in the top menu bar.

Printing Tip: If you would like to print a coupon from a single page in our book, simply click the print icon, select 'print range' and enter the page number from the book.

We're always looking to improve our coupon book for our customers; if you would like to see coupons for a particular K/W company not currently listed in our booklet, please let us know.


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